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Why Does Your Chimney Needs To Be Swept Regularly?

The build up of soot within a chimney over time will restrict the flow of smoke causing dangerous chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide and dust to enter the room.

A build up of Soot is also a fire hazard as the chimney can catch fire causing the property to be at risk of structual damage, a fire in the chimney can reach temperatures hot enough to cause damage to floorboards and chimney pots.

Get chimneys swept and Fit an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm

Fuel-burning appliances need a consistent supply of air in order for complete combustion to occur and for the appliance to work correctly. If you are burning solid fuel as a minimum you will need your chimney swept at least once a year but please see our recomendations below regarding the fuel you are using.

If you have not already got a carbon monoxide alarm fitted then fit one now, they act only as a second line defence to keeping your chimney and flues clear but provide a quick early audible alarm to any problems that may arise between cleans such as blockages caused by birds etc.

Fuel Type Frequency of Cleaning
Smokeless Once Yearly
Coal Twice Yearly
Wood Quarterly when in use
Gas Once Yearly
Oil Once Yearly

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